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S2 Worship

S2 Flyer2014

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Ushers, Nursery, Candle Lighters and Liturgists

October 5th– Communion
Ushers: Carrie Jessop and Ben Jessop
Nursery: Keara Dugan and Scott Jessop
Candle Lighter: Mason Ntuala

October 12th
Ushers: Ford Knight and Andy Batty
Nursery: Barb Lohr and Susan Derr
Candle Lighter: Sean Walsh

October 19th
Ushers: George Elyséev and Gerry Gray
Nursery: Aryanna Dugan and Marion Crull
Candle Lighter: Carrie Jessop

October 26th– Reformation Sunday
Ushers: Iva and Marvin Lay
Nursery: Carrie and Becky Jessop
Candle Lighter: Ben Jessop

November 2nd– Communion
Ushers: Aryanna Dugan and Keara Dugan
Nursery: Cherie Clark and Marion Crull
Candle Lighter: Isabella Dugan

October Liturgists
5th– Ford Knight
12th– Karen Beals
19th– Karen Kelley
26th– Marion Crull


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