1. Saw more birds at the feeders this week, something that always makes me smile. A friend told me the card I sent to a family member of hers really cheered her up if only momentarily – a small thing that apparently made quite a difference in that person’s life -nice.

  2. Leah. It’s Barb. Just want you to know how I appreciate your short sermons since I am geographically removed. I miss my ‘ole’ church family. I. Have been going to The Friends church (Quaker). Which is practically in our backyard. I find it very peaceful and the pastor,, Trish Eckert, reminds me a bit of you.
    I do hope to make a Sunday – Seneca falls- church day soon. Please give my “hello” to everyone, and visitors are always welcomed.
    Miss you and sending hugs

    P.s. I can’t wait to sit on that awesome “round the tree” bench which was so beautifully thought out and constructed.

  3. Enjoyed your sermon this morning as a transient visitor. Thought the message was timely and uplifting and had a very positive effect on my wife and I.

  4. Hi Leah,
    I must learn to open your weekly newsletter AFTER doing my other work [housework included]; otherwise, I can’t seem to resist clicking on too many of all those interesting video topics you list: life after death; Hassidic Jews, Donald Trump’s language style and what it reveals linguistically; and on & on … help ! [Does your church have a support group for easily-distracted people?]

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