Camp Whitman

The Camp Whitman Experience

At Camp Whitman we specialize in providing a traditional overnight summer camp experience focused on exploring the outdoors, developing friendships and growing in our connection to Jesus Christ.

Each week we welcome approximately 65 campers, along with a staff of 15 counselors, lifeguards, coordinators, directors and a full support staff. Camp is organized into smaller “family groups” determined by age and grade level. Two or three counselors live among and lead groups of 9 or 10 youth during each week. Family groups are co-ed, but cabins are separated by gender. Family group members share meals together, participate in activities together, and develop friendships that become lifelong family. Living in close quarters subtly encourages children to open up, share and explore their faith in a safe and protective environment.

Campers sleep in small four-bed cabins clustered around a central campfire ring.  Counselors either sleep in the same cabin as campers or in an neighboring cabin, and are on duty chaperoning campers 24 hours/day.  The cabins are simple, but comfortable, and do not include electricity or water.  Restroom facilities include well-maintained outhouses adjacent to each cabin area as well as a shower house with hot showers, flush toilets and sinks.

There are no televisions, computers, telephones or WiFi available for our campers.  Campers are availed a unique opportunity in today’s world to “unplug” for their week at camp and instead “power-up” with our wondrous camp community.  Campers may receive mail and email each day, and a coordinator or director is always available via phone for parents to reach in case of an emergency.

Camp Whitman:
2472 State Route 54A
Penn Yan, NY 14527
phone: (315) 536-7753
fax: (315) 531-4002

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