Proud to be one of nearly 11,000 congregations who make up the Presbyterian Church (USA), our congregation also enjoys being the longest serving church in the village.

During our 202 years we have ministered from 4 buildings, been well-led by 27 pastors, hosted historic moments in the women’s rights movement and helped establish a liberal arts college.

Having embarked upon our third century of ministry and service, we are confident that our “best” will continue to be found in other similar grand moments.  We invite you to browse our website, check out any of the links to our denominational and area websites, and plan to join us for worship at 10AM Sunday.
To learn more about who we are and what we do, click on the link below.
Church Brochure

Rev. Leah Ntuala
315.257.0028 home
315.398.4356 cell

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